Bench Press - Quick Technique Tips

After the first client session today in the new gym, I thought it would be a good idea to post some quick easy bench press tips to start implementing into your training. 

It had been a while since I had bench pressed, probably over a year. I felt more focused on technique and really had good control of the bar. 

Tip #1

Check your grip width. 

I noticed that every one wants to try and close-grip bench. This is a useful tool, but when training the regular bench press, watch your hand width. Try not to go too wide either, your hands should be no where near the snatch rings. For me, I like a thumb and a half away from the gnurling.

Tip #2

Turn your pinkies towards your feet. 

This motion creates an external rotation torque in your shoulders, this ensures optimum shoulder potion. Creating this tension also allows for greater activation in the lats. I like to cue people to twist the bar and pull it to their chest.

Tip #3 

Check your J cup height.

I see too many people set up the barbell low on the rack. What happens is when you unrack the bar, you have to lift it up by extending the elbows and bring it forward. This causes you shoulders to lose their good position and can cause the shoulder blades to slip out from underneath you. Your arms should almost be straight when trying to find the proper bar height.


That's it for today. Try some of these tips the next time you're working on your bench press. 

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