Three Random Fitness/Training Thoughts

1.     No “girl” Push Ups.

That just sounds bad without even explaining it. When did there become separate exercises for males or females?

First, these push ups have absolutely no carry over to a “normal” push up. By going on your knees, it doesn’t challenge the core the same way because you don’t have as long a lever to support. Females who are usually battling to get out of extension tend to slip into more extension when doing a knee push up.  And by changing that lever, joints will be in different positions and that’s where the carry over to a regular old push up is missing.  

Try this instead – hands elevated push ups. I like using either two incline benches that line up, or using a barbell in a rack.

2.     Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Your posture, that is. A simple reset can be done anytime, anywhere. This is all about getting your shoulders into a better position.  It can be done sitting or standing. Step 1 – belly on. Make sure that if someone were to tap you lightly on your stomach it wouldn’t hurt. Next, palms face the sky and elbows get glued to your ribs. From here rotate your thumbs back while keeping your elbows to your ribs. Now go back to what you were doing before with a better shoulder position. I especially like this one before sending a text or email from my phone. Make sure you sit up straight or stand up straight before doing this.

3.     Anything after 6 goes to the hips…

Your body does not stop digesting food when you go to bed! You still breathe when you sleep and your heart still beats. Your body still needs energy (calories) while your are sleeping and late at night.

A better way to look at it is how many total calories are you consuming in a day. If snacking after dinner is making your total daily intake too high, then cut back or make better decisions through the day. But, if you are eating high quality foods throughout the day and not over indulging on sugary snacks at night – you will be fine eating before bed. When people think that this is an issue for them, it is usually a food choice issue that gets blamed for being a late night snacking issue.

Justin MinerComment