7 Reason Why Kids Should Workout

Here's a list of reasons that kids should do some sort of formal strength and conditioning. The list is in no particular order, I wrote them as they came to mind. Enjoy!  

1. It's fun.


It takes a lot of commitment, but with proper program design and dedicated time for organized "play" it can (and should) be fun.


2. Start a healthy habit now.

By showing kids that moving can be beneficial and enjoyable, they'll be more likely to make it a part of their lifestyle forever.


3. Less time sitting.

It's not just adults with office jobs. Kids sit all day long in school too. Check out this cool non-profit: standupkids.org


4. Less time on a screen.

Something else we could all benefit from.


5. Less injuries.

Learning good movement and developing strength will help prevent injuries in sports. Resistance training also makes bones stronger.


6. Improved performance.


In what? Everything. Proper strength and conditioning will enhance athletic performance. Being stronger, more explosive, faster and more agile will certainly show on the field/court/ice.

Other things will get better too. Exercise can boost mood and give you energy, can even improve cognitive function for better grades in school. If that’s not enough, it improves sleep and and leads to better quality sleep, so your kids not the one who is late every single day because they can’t wake up.


7. Improve self-confidence.

Challenging yourself at the gym teaches you about self-respect and pushing your limits. Seeing what you're able to do will have a positive impact on your confidence and self-worth.


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