Positions, Transferability and Awareness

What's your position right now? Are you aware of how you are sitting or standing reading this right now? The time you spend in the gym should promote this positional awareness.


In my last post, I wrote that the bread and butter of the Gain program is the lifestyle component. The transferability of what you do in the gym, helping what you do outside of the gym. I think any complete workout or training program should do this. So, no doing P90X probably won't help you lift your grandson out of his crib. Speaking of that, what's you position look like when you pick a baby up from the floor or a crib? It should probably look like a deadlift, considering that's what a deadlift is - picking something up from the floor.


When considering transferability of skills from in the gym to everyday life, there has to be an awareness of the positions your body is in. Without this, you'll still perform better, you'll have more horsepower and more gas in the tank, but if your tires are out of alignment, your gas mileage will drastically drop and the likelihood of a mechanical breakdown (injury) increases.


When this breakdown happens, it is because of lack of awareness, not from lack of skill. I've seen it hundreds of times in the gym; someone nails 4 sets of absolutely perfect deadlifts. Later in the workout when they go to grab a kettlebell for a suitcase carry, they round their back, let their heels come off the ground and don't squeeze their abs before going down.


This is because they weren't aware of their position. So, remember - everything you learn here has some sort of transferability to real life. Be conscious about how you sit, how you stand, how you drive and how you pick stuff up from the floor. Your body will thank you.

Justin MinerComment