Three Random Fitness Thoughts #3

1.     Change your mindset of training.

Training is like moving a pile of dirt. Each day you have to move some dirt. It doesn’t matter if you move a shovelful or a spoonful- you need to move some dirt each day. 

Reaching goals is all about consistency. As long as you put in the work, you are going to get results. Don’t let a couple of bad training sessions or missed workouts bring you down. If you’re not feeling great for a big training session, move a little bit of dirt from the pile. That can mean a number of things. Foam rolling and doing a little extra mobility work, or practicing the movement with a lighter load, or it could be having some fun and throwing out the plan for the day.

2.     Take the stairs.

What an easy way to get yourself moving more. It shocks me that people take elevators. Especially going up and down a couple floors. Move more and take the stairs!

Since we’re on the topic of moving more, stop driving around looking for a parking spot up front. Park far away and get some extra walking in. Your body will thank you. 

3.     Drink more coffee!

As you may have seen on the Gain Facebook Page, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services just released their 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans that comes out every 5 years.

The report said that there was little to no risk associated with drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day. On top of that, moderate coffee consumption was associated with reduced risk of type II diabetes and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Now, you still need to put that Frappuccino down. We’re talking black coffee here. So work on ditching the sugar (and artificial sweeteners) and getting rid of the cream.

Justin MinerComment