Two Overlooked Factors in Reaching your Goals

There are two things that are often overlooked when it comes to strength and conditioning. 

Now, I’m not talking about the actual training program or coach, I’m talking about the extra things that make a huge difference in your strength and conditioning program and in reaching your goals.

Number one is atmosphere.

It’s hard to get quality work done in a bad atmosphere. The music is never right or you play with headphones the entire time making sure not to tangle them around dumbbells.

What are the other people around you doing? Are they training hard and putting in the effort? Or are they sitting on a recumbent bike reading the latest issue of US Weekly?

It’s pretty close to impossible to do some heavy deadlifts while listening to someone arguing with their significant other on their cell phone while doing seated biceps curls in front of a mirror.

Being around other people training hard and having some good loud music to get you focused plays a huge role in reaching your goals.  Atmosphere can make or break a training session. Make sure your gym has a good atmosphere.

The other thing that can hold people back is not having a good training partner.

A good training partner can motivate you when you’re feeling weak or tired. A good training partner can make you accountable, and you can make the accountable too.

A training partner can help push you a little extra when you need it or they can talk you down if you’re going to try something you shouldn’t.

Training around other people absolutely makes you train harder. It adds an element of friendly competition and each person is always trying to outdo the other.

The social aspect of it becomes really important too. Having someone to chat with about your day or about the last set to get some feedback is always nice. It also helps slow your workout down a bit if you’re one of those people who can’t stand to rest between sets.

Take it from me - I trained solo for a long time. I am always excited when I get to train with someone. It’s nice having someone give me pointers about the exercise or to just to chat with in between sets. 

I’m not a robot and I like to skip training sessions every now and then. Knowing that I have a planned workout with someone ensures that I am going to go and that I’ll be ready to train hard.

I also really enjoy working out with new people. You can really get to know someone if you do 10 minutes of heavy reverse sled drags with them. How are they going to respond? Are they going to quit first? Are you going to quit first?!

Atmosphere and training partners. Important keys to a strength and conditioning program and often overlooked. If you have a training partner in mind or a friend you need to get moving, bring them to Gain next week for Bring a Friend Week. Anyone’s friend can come and be a training partner for the week!

If you’re not a member – you and your training partner can still come and try the gym out for the week. I promise you’ll love the atmosphere. 

Justin MinerComment