Random Fitness Thoughts/Tips #4

1.     How much time do you spend with something on your feet?

With summer approaching, every year I try to commit to spending more and more time barefoot. As I have said before, I am a fan of minimalist footwear, but taking that concept a step further, how much time do you spend barefoot? What’s the longest stretch of time you have gone without putting shoes or sandals on your feet?

It is an interesting question to ask yourself since we know that spending time barefoot has a load of benefits. Most importantly it can help with posture and help to wake up some of those muscle in the feet that become prohibited while wearing sneakers.

2.     Have a benchmark for water intake

Water intake is the first thing we work on with clients at Gain. Are you drinking enough? Most people are not. Or maybe they are. That’s the problem, no one knows how much they drink each day. I know that I have to drink 3 Nalgene bottles each day. So I try to hit that each day, one before 12, one before 6, and one for the rest of the night.

This makes it easy to know when I’m falling behind. For people who can’t remember to drink enough during the day- chug two glasses when you first wake up.

3.     On the Go Snacks

When you’re having a crazy, all over the place day, try these snacks you can get at most convenience stores.

Kind Bars are great, they’re one of the packaged foods that isn’t loaded with a bunch of junk. Watch out for Cliff Bars, they are basically a block of soy. Beef jerky is the simplest, most-filling thing you’ll find along with some sort of mixed nuts or peanuts. Watch out for trail mix, most of them have a lot of preservatives in them if they are being sold at a gas station. They are also calorie dense. Unless you can put the bag a way after having some, (I can’t) skip the trail mix. 

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