College Students - How to Get a Good Workout in at a Busy Campus Gym

Working out at school can be tough. There isn’t much equipment, someone is always using the one squat rack for curls and there’s no way you’re going to squat in the smith machine. It can be tough, but don’t let it wreck your motivation from a great summer of training, here are a few tips to make sure you still get a good training session in.

1. Go for supersets that don’t make you change locations.

Instead of doing a bench press, and then running over to the cable machine to do one arm cable rows – keep it all in one location.

If you get the squat rack, don’t give it up by running across the gym. Try pairing squats with pull-ups or push-ups, something you don’t need extra equipment for.  Mobility drills are also a good option. Take those weird looks with pride. Same thing goes for dumbbell exercises, pair them together – bonus points if you pair them together with exercises that you use the same weights – maybe reverse lunges and renegade rows.

2. Don’t rely on getting the squat rack.

Nothing is worse than gearing up for a big squat session, showing up to the campus gym to have a line of people waiting to get their half squats and curls in. Plan your squat workouts for slow days, weekend’s work well for this, or early in the morning if you can get yourself there.

When you know the gym is going to be busy, deadlifting is a better option. You only need a barbell or trapbar and can place yourself anywhere in the gym. Just make sure that you have flat shoes on if you aren’t allowed to go barefoot.

3. Hold Carry variations for time

Instead of trying to farmers carry around the gym and dodge people, try doing them in place for a set time. Try holding something equal to your bodyweight for max time.

4. Bodyweight exercises should be your go-to

No matter how busy the gym is, you’ll be able to do push ups, bodyweight squats and maybe sneak some pull ups in. Try this workout in a pinch:

A1. bodyweight squat 5x12

A2. push ups 5x10

A3. wall hip flexors mobilization 4x8

B1. Reverse lunge 4x8

B2. plank to push up 4x5

B3. wall ankle mobilization 4x8

5. When in doubt – go outside

Do some sprints, bonus points if it’s on a hill. 

Hope that helps! If you still feel lost and need some guidance while at school, ask us about our online coaching and programming! 

Justin MinerComment