Why We Love the Deadlift

A few reasons we love the deadlift:

1. Teaches you to properly load and use your hips, not your back. 

2. It is practice picking stuff up from the ground. Doesn't matter how heavy or light, doing deadlifts can help engrain good technique every time you pick something up outside of the gym.

3. It is a full body, compound exercise. Meaning we get to train our bodies as one unit, this is a great way to get stronger and more resilient. 

4. Metabolically demanding. Effort burns calories, and deadlifting takes a lot of effort. You can bet you'll be breathing heavy after a tough set of deadlifts.

5. Breathing! You can hear Laurie in the video, (video on Facebook Page). She is taking deliberate breaths to help maintain a stable core and spine. Being properly braced ensures a good clean lift, and has big transfer over to other lifts and everyday activities that you need to brace, breath, and move all at once.

Justin MinerComment