Practice Makes Permanent - Training for Life

If you haven’t heard, we are starting a 50 plus group training class at Gain. I’m really excited about this – we have had a lot of success training people in this age range and they are rewarding to work with because we can make such a positive impact on their life. The group will be for people who are nervous about starting an exercise regiment, especially one that doesn't take place at a gym full of mirrors and machines. 

The fitness industry is focused on people trying to lose weight or look better when they go to the beach. While training for aesthetics is fine, no one has placed a premium on training for function, or what we like to say at Gain, training for life. This becomes more and more important as you age. By training for life, you still get the benefits of an increased metabolism, but you train your body to move the way it was designed to. The benefits of this are countless, from increased mood, less aches and pains and being able to do things you love. 

Now, what exactly do I mean when I say strength training? I mean training to improve your function.  Training to enhance your everyday life outside of the gym.

Getting older does not have to mean physical decline.

You may not run a 6-minute mile and you're probably not going to lift 100 pounds over your head. However, getting stronger could be the difference between you falling and not getting hurt, easily getting up and down from the floor and it is definitely going to be a deciding factor of you being independent as you age.  

Working on mobility can go a long way to improve your function. It can be the difference maker of being able to sit on the floor comfortably to play with your grandkids! It can help get rid of those aches and pains that never seem to go away.

Strength training will improve your cardiovascular system as well. Meaning you can go further and go faster.  One client described that he "Has a spring in his step again." As I was chasing him across the gym to keep up. You should be able to walk from your car from a less than ideal parking spot, handle a full day of yard work and never be out of breath after walking up a couple flights of stairs.

Smart training can give you more energy, and make you feel better, happier and more fulfilled. It can mean getting better sleep each night and waking up totally refreshed.

Use it or lose it could not hold more true than for the aging population. Strength training, mobility work and conditioning will improve your life. It will make every day tasks like carrying groceries, taking out the trash and running errands easier. It will let you enjoy your hobbies to the fullest. Gardening will be better because you will move faster, be able to crouch longer and not get sore or tired afterwards. It will allow you keep skiing in the winter and kayaking in the summer even though you thought you never could again.

At Gain, we train for life.

Everything is scalable. It can be progressed or regressed to challenge each individual appropriately. I don’t expect you to put a barbell on your back and squat all the way down to the ground. But, you should probably learn how to do a squat.

Why? Because the right way to sit down to a chair and get up it is a squat. The ability to do a box squat is an important skill to learn. It teaches you a skill you will use every single day of your life. Want to sit on the couch and not have it irritate your knees as you go down? Learn how to squat.

Same thing with a deadlift. Do you need to deadlift 300 pounds? No, but learning to pick up a 25 pound kettlebell from the ground without hurting your back is a valuable skill. One that you can put to use every single day.

Practice makes permanent.  We want you to create an awareness of what you are doing and how you are moving. Strength and conditioning teaches and reinforces these skills - allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

Here are some of the older clients of Gain share their experiences:  

"I was hesitant about going to a gym because of prior knee and shoulder issues but was encouraged to try Gain. Justin's knowledge of body mechanics has helped me increase my strength and mobility. One of my goals when I started at Gain was to do 'real' push-ups. With Justin's encouragement I have been able to check that one off. I'm now setting my sights on pull-ups. Thank You Justin, I really am stronger than I thought. " 
 - Judi, 52
"Justin and Gain are great! I have always been an "exercise guy” spending hours in the gym, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the exercise and workout routines I get at Gain to be much more beneficial.  My hips and back were so stiff from years of sitting in front of a computer, I started Gain’s unique mobility and flexibility training. Now, my back is stronger and there is no pain! I feel great everyday and have energy all day long. Each month is a new workout that changes up your routine and always keeps it interesting. Justin is extremely knowledgeable, has a fantastic attitude and I truly appreciate Justin’s willingness to work around my busy schedule. I would recommend Gain Strength and Conditioning to anyone - it is a great place!" 
-Kevin, 54


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