GAIN is a unique gym.  

Our coaches design training programs and workouts based on your goals and needs. Instead of programming for a group, we keep your workouts individualized. 

We offer specialty courses like Strength 101 for Women or weekly Strength Camp group workout for those of you who thrive in a group environment. 


Private Training

Total beginner? Dealing with an injury? Nervous to start? 

Private training may be for you. Our goal with private one on one training is to graduate you to a standard membership by building your confidence, skills and familiarity with the gym. 

Sessions ranging from $50/session - $100/session


Standard Membership

Our cornerstone membership. This is what makes GAIN, well, GAIN. 

This membership is for people who want to be challenge in a safe way and continue to progress without hitting that plateau. Perfect for those who are training around an old injury, have some restrictions and want to be as safe as possible. 

You'll get coached through every workout, train with a few other people at the same time, but always work on your own pace. 


GAIN General Programming

Not training for any specific? Know your way around the gym? 

The General Program, or GAIN GPP, is for those of you who need less coaching. We still individualize all your exercises, by choosing appropriate progressions/regressions/variables for you, but you work off a more general program planned out by our coaches. 

GAIN GPP is specifically for our younger crowd. Sick of going to PF, but don't want to break the bank? Give us a call or email and tell us you're interested in the under 30 program. 


Strength Training 101 for Women

Our most popular specialty course. This 4 week course covers all the basics of a sound strength and conditioning practice. This is the perfect place to start if you are intimidated to workout or are a total beginner. 

Next session starts Jan 2018


GAIN Endurance

GAIN endurance is our specialty program for those of you who like to go the distance. Whether you are just starting out with running and want to fight off injuries or if you're training for your third Ironman - strength and conditioning has a place in your training plan. 

We'll work with your to design your strength and conditioning program to work with your sport training. 


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