Gain is a unique.  

Our coaches design training programs based on your goals and needs. Instead of programming for a group, we keep your workouts individualized. 

This allows you to work at your own pace, progress when you're ready and have no pressure of keeping up with everyone else.


How to Start:

Consultation with a professional coach. Let's make sure this is a good fit for you. We will chat about goals, motivation and what made you reach out. At the end of the day, we're here to build a relationship with you. This meeting is the first step.

Movement assessment. This is not a test! Don't worry, you won't fail. This movement assessment gives us a chance to figure out where to start you and notice any restrictions you have. 

Two, one on one personal training sessions (optional) This can be overwhelming. Work with a coach one on one for you first couple sessions until you get the lay of the land. If you skip this, that’s all right, we’ll still make sure you feel comfortable the first couple sessions.

Standard Membership Trial. After your consultation, movement assessment and personal training sessions, you're ready to try out the standard membership.

You’re welcome to try us out for 3 workouts to make sure it’s the right fit.

Call 603-294-9137 for a free consultation


Private Training

Total beginner? Dealing with an injury? Nervous to start? 

Private training may be for you. Our goal with private one on one training is to graduate you to a standard membership by building your confidence, skills and familiarity with the gym. 

Private sessions are done with no one else in the gym. Just you and a coach one on one. 

Price: $80/session (multi-session packages available)

limited hours available - upon request only

Standard Membership 

For people who want to be challenged in a safe way and continue to progress without hitting a plateau. Sick of big group classes? This membership works in a group personal training format. 

You and several other Gainers are training at the same time. Each person is doing a training program specifically for them. There's always a coach on the floor aiding you with exercise technique, equipment, weight selection and encouragement. 

Good for beginners and advanced athletes alike. Whatever your training needs are, we're here to challenge you appropriately. 

$175/month (12-month commitment)

Gain Under 30 (GPP)

Gain GPP is about building well-rounded fitness. You don't need to squat 300 pounds or run a sub 3 hour marathon. But you want to be strong, capable, up for a hike if a friend invites you and have the fitness to survive the occasional 5k.

General Physical Preparedness is about being up for anything and not letting your fitness limit you. 

We offer 1 week free trials for anyone interested in the GPP Program.

$125/month (3-month commitment)


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