Post Habit Challenge Thoughts

I ended up getting a lot of out the habit challenge. At the end of August, I wasn’t sure what I would pick, I had two weeks of a honeymoon to kick off the challenge, so I knew I needed something that was doable anytime, anywhere and didn’t require any equipment. One night while falling asleep, it dawned on me that this is my chance to force myself to get better at push ups.

As I’ve written before, I suck at push ups. Shoulder issues limited me from doing them for years. Once my shoulder issues cleared up, I stayed away from them because I hadn’t done any for years. It was no longer in my training repertoire.

I started the challenge off hot, I got my push ups in the first 15 days. On day 16, the first time I did an in-gym workout, I forgot to do them. I missed 3 other times as well. I did a good job tracking to begin with and then around the 20th I stopped using my tracking app called Done.

Even though I messed up 4 times, I want you to remember that I kept going! So many times when someone breaks a hot streak, they call it all off. We all need to do a better job of cutting ourselves some slack in order to make progress, ditch that perfectionism.

My take aways: I need to keep doing push ups! They made my posture feel better, my shoulders craved the movement and I got a lot better at them! Doing 100 push ups within a workout was not possible for me in August, I did that twice during the month of September. I’m really happy, and honestly, a little surprised at how much they progressed.

I hope you learned a thing or two in your habit challenge. It was really just a warm up for our Fall Program that will be announced soon!

Justin Miner


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