One Leg SLDL Tip

The one leg SLDL, or stiff leg deadlift, is a nemesis to many gym goers. It's a challenging hamstrings exercise that requires a rock solid hinge, balance, control and stability. Today, I have one easy tip for you to remember next time they come up in your workout.

Bend your knee!

The name is slightly misleading, stiff leg deadlift, however, even with a knee bend, our leg should be more straight than when we pick a barbell off the floor with two feet planted. Most of the time when someone is having a hard time keeping their balance on this movement, their leg is too straight, not allowing the knee to bend at all.

What constitutes as a slight bend? About 10-20 degrees is all you need. This ensures you’ll load the hamstrings, creating more tension which will allow you to stand up quickly and maintain balance. Give it a shot!

Justin Miner


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