Brace Like You're Meditating

After the first month of training, clients will have this realization that they haven’t been using their core, or bracing, as much as they should be. They know how to, but it takes a lot of practice and awareness to keep doing it rep after rep after rep.

I compared it to meditation the other day, focus on your breath, when you lose it, realize you lost it and come back to it. Get organized, brace, move, readjust. Play around with how much tension and pressure feels right for the exercise you’re doing.

Training the awareness of movement and how it feels is equally as important as the physical benefits you get from training. When you’re doing an exercise, really focus on it, where do you feel it, how does it feel, have your created enough pressure or tension? When you forget what you’re supposed to be focused on, notice it and get back.

Justin Miner


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