One of the things I appreciate most about running is the simplicity of it. You can do it anywhere, minimal equipment involved, bang for your buck workout, gets you outside.

It’s simple. We can complicate it with heart rate training, negative splits, weekly mileage and biomechanics of proper foot strike. At the heart of it, it’s about moving your body.

I have a Strength and Health Magazine from 1935 with an advertisement on the back explaining the effectiveness of “barbell training.” Simple and effect. Been around for a long time. It’s passed the test so to say.

We can complicate training with cool physiological terms we learn in school or with confusing directions for the most precise periodization scheme. At the heart of it, strength training is about your vs the bar. Lift with it, consistently and you’ll get stronger.

Sure, we can use 7 different types of machines to hit all the angles and muscle fibers you desire. Deadlifting once a week will get you to the same place. It takes the fluff out of it - no crazy routines, no expensive equipment. Just pick this bar up, lift it over your head, squat with it and you’re on your way to better health. Just like, lace up these shoes and go for a run. 


Barbells, running (and of course yoga) have stood the test of time. Will flashy workout routines with strobe lights, loud music and boot camp style instructors last as long?

Justin Miner


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