I posted on Instagram the other day about how I think gyms are weird. It resonated with a lot of people. My call out of the fitness industry was questioning, how something that is so important, becoming fit and healthy, has become mostly about vanity in the mainstream.

People are actually scared to go to gym because of feeling judged. Planet Fitness thinks they're doing something about this with their anti-meathead ads, but they’re not in business to change lives or change the fitness industry.

I want to elevate the conversation. I want people to realize this is more important than looking good for a special occasion. Your life is on the line and you are in control. We need to find greater meaning in what we’re doing. The obvious choice here for fitness - it gives you freedom.

Becoming more fit allows you to do what you want. It removes restrictions from your life. We need to realize this. Gyms aren’t about how you look, they’re about how you feel. Don’t you want to feel better?

Justin Miner


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