Make Haste Slowly

Festina lente

I cook in some capacity every day. I like making good food and fueling my body. I like learning about different techniques and experimenting in the kitchen. I’m not a world class cook and haven’t really cooked for anyone. I enjoy it nonetheless.

There’s problem with my cooking. It’s pure chaos. I rush, make a mess and end up with food all over the place. For some reason, I feel like I’m competing on Chopped and there’s a time limit counting down until I need to plate the dish for the judges. 

I’m learning to recognize when I’m feeling this way to trying to slow down. I do the same thing with dishes, putting clothes away, mopping the gym and a handful of other tasks. The other day, a client came in and showed me her new tattoo, and explained that it means, “make haste, slowly."

The saying really sunk in with me. This old oxymoron means to move quickly yet deliberately. Hurry but take your time. Be fast, but don’t rush. It’s about doing things properly. I’m trying to work on this now, find more places in my life that I can make haste, slowly. Are there areas in your life you could apply this saying for?

Justin Miner 


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