Perspective Building

Have you ever read a book, maybe in high school, and then read it 10 years later and got different insights from it? This is a change in perspective. We’re all trying to be the best humans we can be, it would be valuable for us to develop new perspective to look at the problems and challenges we face.

While in a battle against our goals, it’s common for us to compare to others. The problem with this is we usually downplay others failures and only see their success. Suzy lost 10 pounds so easily, why can I do that? It’s easy to see their success and not their failures or struggles, only our own. Having a better perspective would allow you to understand that, even though Suzy made it look easy, she struggled and failed too.

Building different perspectives is about being able to take your problem/challenge/goal and flip it around in your hands. Look at it from the front, from the back, spin it around, throw it in the air and check it from all angles. It will allow you to realize what the holes in your game are - what is competing against your success. We all have blind spots, and sometimes, these blind spots are limiting us from reaching our goals. 

Dig deep, look for your holes, check your blind spots and attack it from all angles. It’s easy to focus on other’s success and skim over their failures. Failing is part of the game, it happens to all of us. Those that are able to learn from it will be better off.

Justin Miner


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