Trees and Consistency

Every Friday, the Gain coaches and I head to the Hebert’s for what most would call a staff meeting but that’s underselling it. We talk about hard things. What are we bad at? How can we improve? How can be better serve the Gain community? We discuss books and ideas and it pushes us get better.

Young Clayton brought a great concept to us over some omelets last week. Clayton asked us the following. You are allowed to take 5 chops with an axe at a tree in your backyard each day, with the goal of eventually cutting a tree down. Would you swing at the same tree everyday or bounce around from tree to tree?

When we have multiple goals, they can compete with once another. Giving a goal your all means you may be giving half effort on something else. You must be consistent. You need to chop at the same tree everyday. If you bounce from tree to tree, you’ll never cut one down. 

Justin Miner


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