Bug Book

While listening to the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast, this week’s guest, Jim Collins had some fascinating insights. One of them, was a story of while he was in school at Stanford.

He needed to make some changes. He was trying to figure out what to do with his life once he graduated. One of his professors challenged Jim to study himself, like a bug. Since then, Jim has kept what he calls a bug book. He analyzes himself as if he were entomologist studying a new species of bug.

He writes down how he reacts to certain news. What he judges people on. How he feels after certain situations. The point is to try to remove yourself and objectively observe. Don’t judge your thoughts or actions, simply observe and record.

This sounds similar to what people report on when they’ve developed a meditation practice. It creates an awareness and ability to pattern recognize. Jim figured out a different way to get there. Instead of sitting down to mediate each day, he takes notes to create an awareness around how his brain works.

The take away for you (and me) is to develop an ability to observe our thoughts and actions. Can we start to recognize patterns in our decision making? Can we develop an awareness around how we limit ourselves or our potential?

Justin Miner


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