It Depends

While thinking about the last few months we’ve spend with Clayton, I was reflecting about what he got out of his experience here. He got hands on time training clients, learned effective program design, understands our training principles and got a crash course in real life through conversations with you all. I hope he learned how to help people. Which, they certainly don’t teach you in school.

Clayton is curious. Usually, within 3 minutes of me walking in the door, he eagerly approaches me and says, “I have a question for you.” The other day, when he asked me, I laughed and said you know what my answer is going to be. “It depends,” he replied.

I hope his biggest takeaway was that context is everything. A lot of stuff works in fitness. There are many different roads that take you to the same place. What works for someone, might not work for someone else.

Context helps us define who or why or how for something specific. For example, heavy deadlifts are different for everyone. Someone may need a 25 pound kettlebell and someone else might need a 405 pound barbell. Setting the context simplifies a sea of correct answers. Without it, nothing makes sense.

Today is Young Clayton’s last day at GAIN. Be sure to wish him luck on his future endeavors. 

Thanks for you time Clayton, you were a pleasure to have at the gym. 

Justin Miner 


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