A New Metric

We like metrics. They tell us how we’re progressing, if we’re stalling and provide data to see specifically how we can improve. We can see numbers on the bar go up, numbers in our bank account change and a whole host of others.

With running, I can look at weekly mileage, heart rate, average pace, elevation gain and time on my feet. What I’ve noticed though, that gets me in a training groove more than any of the previously mentioned metrics, how many times I get out on a run when I didn’t want to. 

You can measure the same thing. How many times do you show up to the gym when you don’t want to? Afterwards, like me, you probably feel better than before, accomplished and happy that you forced some time for yourself. 

There will always be reasons to skip training. There will always be days when we don’t want to. I’m challenging you to ask yourself, can I do it anyway? If you do, I know two things will happen. You’ll be happy that you did it and you’ll build resilience in the process. There will always be a work thing, traffic, appointments, bad weather and stuff to do. Can you measure how many times you still get it done even when you don’t want to?

Justin Miner 


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