Checking Out

We’re surrounded with technology. Our phones are wonderful but wreak havoc on our bodies. Constant light, small screens, push notifications and checking likes is wiring our brains to crave those dopamine hits each time we pick up our phones. It’s rare when we go a few hours without using it, never mind a full day or a week.

I’ll be checking out this week. I'm headed into the woods for a backpacking trip and I’ll be turning off my phone. I’m looking forward to some solitude and time away from my phone and computer. Taylor will be keeping the blogs going every day, so be sure to check back here tomorrow. 

Have a great week. Plan your trips to the gym, eat to fuel your body and if you get a chance, give yourself a mini break from technology and try to shut it down for an hour or two this week. I promise you’ll be happy that you did. See you next week! 

Justin Miner


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