Slow it Down

I spent last week off the grid. Where I was, there's no cell service. That removed the temptation of scrolling through and seeing what was happening in the world. After a couple of days I adjusted to not having the rectangle in my pocket provide all answers and fill in down time. 

There’s always a task to do when backpacking. Whether it’s gathering wood to burn, setting up camp, drying out wet hiking clothes or filtering water, there’s always something to do. I would get lost in these tasks. There wasn't much else to worry about and no phone to provide distraction. 

Reintroduction to normal, 21st century life is tough. As soon as you turn your phone back on, you’re hit with the wave of distractions and angst that comes with the territory of having that phone. I’ve written before about how I need to slow down, concentrate on what I’m doing instead of jumping to the next thing. That week of backpacking was a nice reminder to slow down, do what you’re doing well and stop letting distractions run your day.

Justin Miner


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