You ever have one of those days where everything clicked? Time flies by, you’re feeling good, not distracted and ready to make stuff happen. I call that using momentum or having rhythm.

Running is about rhythm. Having the rhythm to move over the ground in a smooth and fluid way. Hiking is the same. You get lost in one foot in front of the other. Focused on the task of reaching the destination. Your breathing matters, where you’re looking matters, the sounds around you and feel of the woods and your state of mind create the rhythm.  I try to create the rhythm I feel while running or hiking or camping during my normal day. 

For me, its a blend of having a schedule, but also having flexibility so I can do what I have momentum to do - trying to not lose the rhythm. If my day is too rigid, I can't find the the groove. I feel like I’m being pulled in too many directions. Instead of focusing on what I’m doing, I focus on what I need to be prepared for next. Often at the expense of what I should be focused on.

The opposite happens too. With too much flexibility, I may try to come up with the most fun or most productive thing, only to spend the time I have planning it and never pulling the trigger. In other words, unable to find the rhythm.

How do you find rhythm in your day? Are you a scheduler or a free-wheeler? What activities help you find rhythm or get in the groove? Which ones throw it off? Let me know! 

Justin Miner 


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