Time for nice weather, late sunsets and stuffing our social calendar. Hopefully you’re headed on a vacation or two. All of that means time away from the gym. I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be okay. You’re going to survive a week’s long vacation without access to a gym. I would be as bold to say that it may even benefit you.

Taking some time off lifting lets your muscles recover. Sure, you’ll feel a little out of sync, maybe even weaker your first session back, but after you get that out of the way, it’ll benefit your fitness. You won’t be starting from scratch again. Your body knows how to do these exercises and knows how much weight it can handle. It won’t all disappear without you really trying to give it all up.

Careful how much slack you do give yourself. While some time off won’t hurt, letting that time off or skipping the gym every Saturday morning instead of just that one when you were out of town will add up. Each time you skip a session you could make, it gets easier to skip the next one. Keep that in mind as the perfect weather starts to roll in (hopefully!).

I’m ready for a great summer, both in the gym and out in the real world. Let’s make sure we hang on to our fitness and challenge ourselves but let’s get outside the gym as well. Try something new, do active things outside, walk more, go to the beach, go on a hike, just keep moving and try to have fun.

Justin Miner


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