Subject to Our Environment

It’s easy to forget all the things around us contribute to our health and how we live. Last week, Australian researchers published a paper about the “horns,” or bone spurs young people are developing on the back of their heads from prolonged cell phone use. Humans are adaptable. In the gym, we create a stimulus and your body changes to overcome it. Our environment outside of the gym is playing a big role too.

Technology is shaping our brains and now maybe even altering our skeleton. Technology isn’t going anywhere, we must modify our environment to help ourselves not become overrun with technological woes. App limits, no phones before bed and trying to walk more should be top priorities for us all.

We all want to live better, healthier lives. In order to do that, we’re going to need to keep a serious eye on the rectangle that you’re reading this from now. The phone is becoming more and more addictive, to the point of alternating our skeleton. We need parameters or guidelines in our live to make sure we’re not overdoing it.

Justin Miner


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