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Yesterday we talked about how technology is starting to alter our skeletons. Sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true. Our environment, or where and how we spend time, plays an enormous role in how our health and well being.

If we look back in time, humans lived a much different lives than we do now. We were hunter-gathers who spent the day foraging and roaming. About 10,000 years ago we figured out the whole agriculture thing and no longer roamed, but instead did back breaking work around the farm to grow food and care for the land.

The other day, during my 60 minute sled march through my yard, known as mowing the lawn, I paused to think that here is free fitness that no one takes advantage of any more. It got me thinking, where else in our day have we transcended doing the actual work? Seriously, lawn care companies haven’t been around for that long. For a while, everyone probably mowed their own lawn and they probably had to push the mower too.

Now, this isn’t a rally to get you to start push mowing your lawn. Instead, I want you to think, where in my day can I find some physical activity? Can you carry a basket around the grocery store instead of pushing a cart? Can you opt for the stairs instead of the elevator? Can you walk to your destination even though it’s over a mile away?

Before, there were no other options, people needed to do these things. I would argue they were probably better off because of it. As the world continues to change, we need these artificial (like a gym) activities to get our bodies the movement they crave.

It’s clear to see the direction this is headed. You don’t need to start haying your own field by hand, but sprinkling a little more physical activity in your life will surely pay off.

Justin Miner


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