Efficiency vs Discomfort

Strength training is about challenging positions. Here is the optimum position, i.e., the one that is the safest, but also where we can display the most effective usage of force. Us coaches try to figure out the appropriate stimulus to make it so you’re challenged. We don’t want it to be impossible, and we don’t want it to be too easy.

Our bodies are incredible at adapting. Because of that, we can fall into a trap of efficiency. Our bodies don’t want to spend unnecessary fuel to accomplish something. It wants to hang on what it can while completing the task. It’s why HIIT is such an effective method, it’s difficult to do efficiently and easy to find that zone of discomfort.

Runners fall into this trap a lot. People want to run faster, but do their standard run a couple times a week at their normal pace, never pushing or digging into that discomfort. That’s required to get faster for a race. If you operate too efficiently, you’ll have no reason to adapt or make changes. That’s why we need to push the limits every now and then.

Easy training is good too. Maybe just as important. Every now and then though, I encourage you to dig deep and push it hard when you’re on the bike, pushing the sled, on your run, or finishing your workout with some medicine ball slams.

Justin Miner


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