Most Important Turns

Recently on a podcast, former chess prodigy and world campion in Jiu Jitsu, Josh Waitzkin described what the 3 most important turns are when on a ski run. Waitzkin now spends his time helping top performers and decision makers to operate at full capacity. This question was one that a high level skier friend asked him when teaching Josh how to ski.

The most important turns are the last 3 before you get on the lift. Not the first 3 at the top or in the middle of the run when you’re going to maximum speed, the last 3 just before you shuffle into the lift line. Most people get lazy here, Josh explains. The run is almost done, the turns you take at the bottom usually aren’t as sound technique-wise.

Lazy technique creates bad habits and can set you up for injury. To build on that, Josh claimed that after those lazy turns, you get on the lift and sit down and your body is unconsciously remembering what the most recent turns felt like. If you focus, turn into the line with good technique, there’s some skill in there your brain will remember.

The lesson, don’t mail it in at the end. Keep working diligently till you’re finished so you don’t create any bad habits and you give your brain good information to adapt to.

Justin Miner


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