Are You As Consistent As You Think?

We’ve talked a lot on here about how you need to be consistent to make positive changes. We commonly hear people venting that their weight loss isn’t moving fast enough or they aren’t making strength gains. My question to you is, are you being as consistent as you think you are? 

We often think we’re doing better than we actually are. A nice way to find out is tracking your progress. For eating, I recommend people do a food log.  I’d like to see a week’s worth of eating, written down, in detail. 

When you go over it, you might start coming up with excuses. Well that night I had this event, and Saturday was a special date night and Sunday was so nice out I needed to have a couple beers outside and Monday was a crazy work day. The excuses start flying. I don’t want to bring this to your attention to shame you. Rather, I’d like to point out that you aren’t as consistent as you think you are.  That's the underlying problem. Not deciding between keto or vegan or paleo. 

If you’re in a rut and are unsure why, really ask yourself if you’ve been as consistent as possible. Track your habits over a week or two and you’ll see if you hit your macros accurately, aren’t over consuming calories and hitting the gym as frequently as you think you are.

Justin Miner


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