Small Improvements

Mastering the fundamentals is key for high performance teams and individuals. These masters, are able to understand the basics, not let it bore them and be okay with small incremental changes. This attitude affords high performers a better understand of what they’re doing, how it works and how it can transfer to other skills. 

In Atomic Habits, James Clear includes a line graph of how improving 1 percent each day or getting 1 percent worse every day will work out over a year. Turns out, if you get 1 percent better every day for a year, you’ll have improved 37 times better than then you started.

Realize that the small choices we make every day will impact us in the long run. Your mental battle whether to have a salad or a sandwich for lunch doesn’t matter today, but it will matter when you choose salad 100 times and sandwich only 5 times. We all want big changes now. We must realize that small decisions we make every day impact the changes drastically over time.

To be the bearer of bad news, your goal will take longer than you want it to. Focus on what you can do each and every day. Master the fundamentals, be okay with getting bored of doing the same thing. The small decisions and changes you can make will have a big impact in the long run.

Justin Miner


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