We have this idea that if we’re not moving forward or progressing, we’re losing. However, maintaining a level of physical ability, weight, endurance etc., over time is equally as impressive as constant gains. Maintaining implies that you’re doing all the right things to not move backwards and start regressing or losing skills/abilities.

Thinking that maintaining is bad can be troublesome. Imagine you’ve worked towards a goal, almost reach it and then failed. Many people will then throw it all out the window and severely backtrack. Fast forward a few months later and they’re on the train again trying to get better. Classic yo-yo behavior.

If we think mainitnence is okay, we can think, I made it this far, let me hang on to it while I have these crazy things happening and then I can get bak to it once I have motivation/time/resources. If you’re stuck deadlifting a PR, remember, it’s still an impressive thing that you’re holding on to the ability, maintenance is good!

Justin Miner


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