Just Show Up

There are no shortage of fitness options. In every town and city you can pull up Google and find 20 different gyms. Some will be similar to each other, some totally different. Price points are all over the map, starting with Planet Fitness all the way to exclusive one on one training. This is great news. Everyone needs to find what will work for them - something they can be consistent with.

I find people give into their fear sometimes. When you know you have a hard workout on Monday, you dread it and eventually skip it because you don’t want to do whatever was planned in that workout.

At Gain, we teach people to just show up. Don’t feel like squatting today? No problem, let’s find something you can do and get excited about. Didn’t sleep well last night? No big deal, let’s do some mobility work and send you on your way to get an extra cup of coffee. Not being locked into a group class gives us the freedom to call an audible.

This lets you take change of your fitness, learn to listen to your body and above all else, develop some consistency. Not all workouts need to be 110% effort. Sometimes, you get to have a 60% effort workout and I’m here to tell you there’s nothing wrong with that

Justin Miner


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