Take a Seat

How comfortably can you sit on the floor? Can you sit criss-cross style? Does you back scream at you or are you able to hang out down there for 20 minutes and come out the other side unscathed? I’m a fan of doing things that are good for your health without being in the way of your life. For example, occasionally opting to sit on the floor instead of the couch.

It’s an opportunity to tinker with your movement. To find a comfortable position and to realize some areas or movements that need some extra attention. It’ll show if you can stabilize your spine, rotate your hips and move your ankles. No equipment is required. Just simply sit on the floor. Feel the stretch, move around a little and when you are sick of it, get back on the couch.

It’s a fool proof way to add in some additional movement throughout your day. Unlock your hips and rediscover that skill you used to own so easily but lost somewhere along the way.

Justin Miner


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