“Disipline is commitment to the process regardless of motivation.”

Logan Gelbrich, Going Right

Today marks 100 consecutive blogs on this site. It’s been a tough challenge. Sometimes, topics and words flow easily, and other times I stare at the computer screen with my face resting in my palms convinced this will be the day that I fail. Some days I’m pleased with the post, other days I hate it. It’s been a challenge of commitment.

Beside the commitment to share more ideas and develop writing abilities, I needed to develop some new habits. I write every morning. It’s not even a thought anymore. As soon as the coffee is done, I open up the laptop and start working on whatever idea is floating in my brain. Carving out this time, and treating it preciously, has helped keep me to it.

So really, 100 blogs is just a blip along the way. I’m going to continue to practice, learn and build new skills and abilities. It isn’t about staying motivated, it’s about being discipline and sticking with something over time. Just like going to the gym. Thanks for reading and following along.

Justin Miner


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