The Edge

Over the weekend, I watched Iron Cowboy a documentary about James Lawrence completing 50 Ironman Triathlons, in 50 states, in just 50 days. Wow. What an impressive feat of endurance. The part of the documentary that stuck with me was Lawrence’s quote, “I’m doing this because I haven’t found my physical and mental limit yet.”

For us normal humans, the gym is a place to test our physical and mental limits. We don’t need to find it every day (leads to burnout/injury) or even that often at all. We do want to explore where our edge is though, the line we cannot cross, cannot push any harder. If we know where that is, it's eye opening as to how much more we’re capable of.

Push your pace on the sled this week, put some extra zest on those medicine ball slams and put your head down and suffer a little bit on the AirBike. Try to find the edge, see where your limits are and what you’re capable of.

Justin Miner


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