How to Balance

In every intro session we do, the people mention that they have poor balance. I have yet to meet the person who comes in and claims they have excellent balance while exercising, walking or performing daily activities. The trick with balance is in order for it to improve, you need to put yourself in situations where you may be wobbly or off balance.

The key is practice. It’s motor control, or have good control of your body and how it moves through space. Other factors that help are: improving joint stability, increasing core strength, learning how to stabilizing (i.e., finding tension throughout your body when lifting something).

My favorite balance drills are walking with funny patterns. Walk heel to toe, walk with high knees, go sideways, backwards, with weights and a combination of all of them with added in pauses and step backs. Start easy, keep a wall nearby. As you improve, inch away from the wall. Once you start walking a little faster, it’s time to throw some tricks into the mix. Work the agility ladder. Work on funky feet patterns without tripping up on the ladder.

Chances are you once told me you’re bad at balancing. What are you doing to get better at it?

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