Wait Just a Minute

You know when you finish your workout and you’re sweaty and out of breath? That’s the worst time to get in your car and drive off. Everything gets stiff, your body gets cold and you mold yourself into the position of the car seat without giving your body a few minutes to reset before heading off for the day.

I’m all about efficient workouts. I don’t think that you should live in the gym. We want to get people in and get them on their way. Taking 5 minutes to cool down after a workout can be a game changer for your physiology. It gives your body a chance to downshift into baseline mode, instead of going from one thing to the next and riding the stimulus high.

What can you do to cool down? Foam roll, stretch, mobility work, easy walk or chat with fellow Gainers for a few minutes are all acceptable answers. It doesn’t need to be anything too formal, just let yourself stop sweating before jumping in your car!

Justin Miner


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