Commit to Failure

We let fear of failing get in the way of even starting. Maybe it’s perfectionism, not wanting to be humiliated or not letting anyone down. Whatever the reason, we all hate failure. It’s uncomfortable. About 6 months ago, I travelled across the country to attend a seminar about leadership and development. The seminar really was about what’s getting in your way and how to get around it.

On the final day, we had to write a letter to ourselves. Yesterday, I got this letter in the mail, 6 months later.

From the letter:

“I will commit to failure. I will realize that I need to put the reps in to improve. I cannot quit when it sucks or it gets hard. I want to get better at writing and sharing stories and ideas. Don’t let being a beginner stop me in my tracks. Commit to doing the work. Don’t be afraid to really go for it!”

That letter is the reason this blog started. It terrified me every single day when I clicked the publish button. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the consistency and feared no one would read it. Committing to failing, and realizing if I failed, it didn’t have to be the end, is what’s allowed me to publish over 100 of these posts.

What are you scared of? What commitments do you shy away from? What’s stopping you from reaching your goal? Maybe it’s time you commit to failing as well.

Justin Miner


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