Not being properly hydrated can really mess with our bodily functions. Even the slightest bit of dehydration can hinder performance. Before you you go chug a water bottle, keep reading. According to a recent Time Magazine article, “clear urine is a sign of over hydration…guzzling lots of water is not the best way to stay hydrated.”

If we drink a lot of water, and are peeing frequently, we may not be absorbing the water, but instead just running it through our system. Adding some minerals to your water, like sea salt, can aid in absorption.

The researchers from the article recommend a slow and steady approach. Instead of pounding multiple bottles throughout the day, be aware of your timing. Drink water before and during meals. Consuming it with fats, minerals and amino acids that are found in food can help us absorb it. They also recommend a slow and steady approach. If you’re going to drink water all day, a sip here and there should be plenty between meals.

The final quote from the article, “Water if good for you, but you can drown in it too.”

Justin Miner


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