What is Conditioning?

The first time someone ever asked me that was yesterday. I’m often frustrated when people don’t understand there’s a lot of heart rate intensive work at Gain, after all, the name is strength AND conditioning. So while doing an intro session the other day, I said to the woman, we’re going to do some conditioning work to finish up.

I explained it as upgraded cardio. What I mean is that when doing conditioning work, which to be clear, is technically cardio, the main difference for us is that conditioning requires positional awareness - it’s more skilled. When we think of cardio, we often imagine someone at Planet Fitness cruising on a elliptical for 45 minutes. There isn’t much skill involved in that.

When doing a sled march, bodyweight squat, medicine ball slam combination though, you need to be aware of your positions, technique, breathing amongst other things. We’re moving the body through more ranges of motion, controlling movements under fatigue all while managing your bracing and breathing.

So what’s conditioning? It’s cardio, but more skilled. Meaning we’re working at spending time with elevated heart rates, but we’re also making you be aware of positions, motor control and technique.

Justin Miner


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