Never Miss Twice

High level achievers make mistakes just like everyone else. They're better at getting back on track though. When we miss a new habit we’re trying to develop, missing one day is no big deal. As James Clear says, “Rather than trying to be perfect, abandon your all-or-nothing mentality.”

As you start thinking about your September Habit Challenge, start planning for failure. Now, this isn’t expecting yourself to fail, but instead, being ready for all circumstances. You know what life things will get in the way you hitting your habit each day, start preparing for it now!

How are you going to handle a friend asking you out for breakfast when you need to get a 30 minute walk in first? What are you going to say to that friend who always gives you a hard time when watching what you eat? We can expect speed bumps like this to show up. To keep the streak and habit alive, we can start planning as to how we will bounce back.

It’s about being consistent, not perfect. You will miss a day. If the habit challenge is over for you after you miss a day, you’re missing the point. You need to get back on track the next day and back on the wagon. As Clear says, “Never miss a habit twice. Focus on building the identity of someone who never misses twice."

Justin Miner


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