Hidden Benefit

We believe that strength and conditioning, consistently going to the gym and moving more are pathways to a better life. At the gym, you’re confronted with difficult situations and problems that you wouldn’t encounter outside. You face them in this controlled environment, which in turn, prepares you for situations when you need to test your limits, push your physicality or have a strong mental game.

Not convinced that AirBike sprints will help you in your next meeting, or the next time you need to do something that’s scary, like speak in front of people or share an idea of yours? What’s your self talk like before you perform that 500 meter sprint? You can apply the same mental game to tasks outside that you don’t really want to do. Making that difficult phone call, having a tough meeting with a coworker, whatever it is.

The biggest hidden benefit of all, confidence. Learning how to move, maybe initially being humbled by how poorly you move, and sharpening that skill over time, builds confidence like no other. What I’m trying to relay today is that it’s not just physical confidence, but mental confidence as well. Time in the gym can help you learn about yourself and teach you how to push limits and get better. Take on new challenges, try new things and learn how to really go for it. Don’t be mistaken that this is all physical.

Justin Miner


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