Get Organized

Yesterday we went on a boat to do some whale watching off the coast of Ponta Delgada. As we headed out of the port, the boat floated and crashed and bobbed in the waves. You had to have a tight grip on the handrail if you didn’t want to get knocked. Watching people move to get a different view while the boat moving was a bit comical.

I was most impressed by the life guard on the boat. He stood on the bow, feet firmly planted, knees straight, hands crossed behind his back, with no support. He wasn’t subjected to the waves and bobbing like everyone else. He knew how to stand and not lose his balance. He was organized.

He created tension in his feet, hips rotated out, butt squeezed and I imagine his core was engaged. It’s the same stance to take before performing a heavy squat in the gym, or the top of a deadlift or kettlebell swing. This was a great example of how things we do in the gym can teach us how to be more stable and have better balance. I’m not sure if this guy trains or not, but if we threw him into a gym and put a bar on his back, I’m willing to bet he’d have no trouble figuring out how to squat.

Justin Miner


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