Airplanes are one of the noticeable areas where you can see the benefits of training. Fitness people, myself included, claim that improving shoulder mobility will help with overhead bins. It’s a bit of a cliche thing to say, but i’s so obvious when you see people trying to lift their suitcases into the overhead bins. There’s also quite a bit of strength required, especially if you’re an overpacker.

I’m impressed when I see someone toss their bag up there effortlessly, since it’s certainly not the norm.

These are the moments for you to appreciate what you do in the gym. To realize that you’re building skills that will not only keep you healthy, but independent and confident as well. Rarely do these test show up like physicals feats in the gym. More often, they’re lifting you own suitcase, carrying groceries, or going for a pain free walk.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re making no in-gym progress, but I promise you’re making out of gym progress.

Justin Miner


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