Daily Check In

I’ve found a nice side benefit of my daily push ups. Since I’m doing them every day, same amount of reps and not within a typical workout structure, I get a daily check in as to how my body is feeling. Some days I bang them out and feel pretty good, a couple times, I got a big rush of energy doing them, or yesterday after spending the day hunched over traveling, they showed me how stiff my body was.

After finishing my push ups when we got home, I knew I needed to spend a little time moving around and stretching out. Pretty obvious after a long travel day, but without the check in, I might not have taken action on doing something about it.

You might have a daily check in routine already without even knowing it. Maybe it’s foam rolling, seeing how your body responds to the pressure and if it feels like it normally does. It could be hanging out in a squat, or doing a daily mobility drill like a deep lunge, box hip opener or couch stretch. It might be a combination of all those depending on the day.

What’s important, is that you develop a way to check in with your body and see how it’s doing each day.

Justin Miner


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