Floor Time

Getting up and down from the floor is an often cited longevity test. Put simply, you should be able to get yourself from a seated position on the floor to standing, without using your hands. This is a monumental task. Passing not only says you have some good hip mobility, knee stability and ankle mobility, but that you’re less of a fall risk, or if you do fall, you can get yourself back up. 

What can you do to improve this? Spend some time on the floor! It’s uncomfortable, and maybe a little awkward, however, it will show you tight spots, and teach you how to find comfortable position over time. Take a meeting on the floor or your next phone call or spend the next episode of your favorite TV show trying to sit on the ground. It makes a big difference. 

The other things we can do are in-gym. We can master single leg exercises, like splits and reverse lunges. We see those shapes and movements when we’re making a ground to standing transition. Which, is the other exercise you can work on - Turkish Get Ups. These are literal practice of getting from laying to standing with a kettlebell in your hand. 

I like this as a “health screen” for yourself. If you want to be strong and independent, you need to be able to get up from the floor. Spend a little less time in a chair and a little more time on the floor and it will make a world of difference! 

Justin Miner


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