Low and Slow

In fitness we like talking about hard efforts, HIIT training and sweaty workouts. We often neglect, perhaps because it isn’t as sexy, low intensity training. This is the total opposite of the hard hitting, lay on the floor type of fitness we’re often exposed to.

Low intensity training isn’t about burning the most calories, or even having the most time efficient workout. It’s about slowing down, breathing well and moving more. The example that I bring up everyday, that everyone needs to do more of, is walking. But it can also be an easy 20 minutes on the rower or ski machine, or a casual bike ride.

Lower intensity works on your endurance and is good for you heart. It can help you recover in-between bouts at the gym and shouldn’t make you sore. If you’re a gym rat always trying to add more in, try adding 60 minutes of low intensity work, like an easy run to your weekly sessions. If you’re a gym beginner and you want to build some healthy living momentum, prioritize talking a walk everyday.

In a world where we’re always looks for the next best thing, slowing down and doing some low intensity work might be just what you need.

Justin Miner


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